Günther Cramer Solar Academy - A Lighthouse Project for a Self-Sufficient Energy Supply
Energy Concept SMA Solar Academy

Bringing Energy to Life

During the planning stage, we paid particular attention to enable visitors to experience the energy concept. Entering the building, visitors face a large display that shows the building’s energy consumption and the amount of CO2 saved in green LED numbers. In addition, the building-integrated photovoltaic modules are the central design element used both inside and outside. Visitors are also able to see into the battery room with its Sunny Island inverters and the technology center that serves as a walk-in information center. And a two-tone LED display in the battery room always shows the state of charge of the batteries.

An Ideal Learning Environment

Although the SMA Solar Academy only uses a minimal amount of energy, there is no need to give up any conveniences. Our main priority was for our visitors to feel comfortable and to offer them perfect learning conditions . For example, the building has the right temperature and is well-ventilated all year. In addition, all the seminar rooms have modern equipment such as digital boards, and a sufficient number of test workstations to work directly on individual devices.

A visit to the SMA Solar Academy is an experience – in every respect. Come and see for yourself!

An Ideal Learning Environment

SMA Solar Academy | Be a Solar Expert

How to find us

The SMA Solar Academy is in Niestetal (near Kassel), Germany. We are located in the middle of Germany and therefore easy to reach.

You can get here by car or conveniently by train, arriving at the Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe ICE train station. From there, you can reach SMA via taxi or public transport.

When visiting us with an electric vehicle you find charging stations in row B of our parking lot. Please pick up the keycard for unlocking the charging stations at the reception of our Solar Academy.

SMA Solar Academy - How to find us

Hotel recommendations 2023

Here is a list of recommended hotels with special SMA rates for our guests.

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