Designing of Off-Grid Systems with SMA Sunny Island Battery Inverters

Designing of Off-Grid Systems with SMA Sunny Island Battery Inverters & Multi-Cluster Boxes | 01 - 04 Nov

Thank you for your understanding, that we can currently only accept fully vaccinated or recovered attendees in our face-to-face seminars who also have tested negative for COVID-19 within the last 24 hours. Persons who have received a booster vaccination do not require a negative test. This regulation allows us to satisfy the high training demand faster and with improved safety standards.

In many sunny regions of the world, SMA Off-Grid systems have already become the most reliable way to provide electrical energy to consumers.

The professional designing of SMA Off-Grid Systems is often complex because the critical components that are needed, and because the correct sizing of them determines the technical success and the reliability of the whole project.

After this advanced training you should be able and qualified to use the SMA solutions and to design reliable Off-Grid energy systems based on the successful SMA Sunny Island inverter and Multicluster technology.

Please do not forget to bring your laptop and its power adapter. This seminar consists of four days and includes lessons and workshops.

Target group:

Renewable energy professionals


We recommend previous knowledge of PV modules, batteries, and low-voltage grids.


  • SMA concepts for Sunny Island battery inverters
  • Main features, components, and tasks of SMA Off-Grid systems
  • Main features and tasks of the SMA Sunny Island battery inverter
  • Main topologies for SMA Off-Grid systems without the Multi-Cluster Box
  • Main topologies for SMA Off-Grid systems with the Multi-Cluster Boxes 6.3-11; 12.3-20; and 36.3-11
  • Communication in SMA Off-Grid systems with Data Manager M and Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS
  • Designing of Off-Grid systems using the latest version of the SMA software Sunny Design Web



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Designing of Off-Grid Systems with SMA Sunny Island Battery Inverters

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