Commissioning of Off-Grid Systems with MC-Box 6.3-11

Commissioning of Off-Grid Systems with MC-Box 6.3-11 | 28 Sep

Thank you for your understanding, that we can currently only accept fully vaccinated or recovered attendees in our face-to-face seminars who also have tested negative for COVID-19 within the last 24 hours. Persons who have received a booster vaccination do not require a negative test. This regulation allows us to satisfy the high training demand faster and with improved safety standards.

In many sunny regions of the world SMA Off-Grid systems have already become the most reliable way to provide electrical energy to consumers.

The professional installation and commissioning of SMA Off-Grid systems are essential to ensure the expected operation of the system and a reliable power supply to the loads.

The commissioning of all SMA devices can be done by the plant designer him- or herself. Local commissioning significantly reduces the cost and effort of the project.

After this advanced training you should be able and qualified to commission multi-cluster system with MC-Box 6.3-11 according to the SMA commissioning process.

Please do not forget to bring your laptop and a voltage measuring device (DC/AC). This training consists of one day and includes lessons and practical workshops at the SMA Hybrid Test Center.

Target group:

Renewable energy professionals


The successful participation in the seminar “Commissioning of Off-Grid Systems with SMA Sunny Island battery inverters”


  • SMA commissioning process for Off-Grid systems with the Multi-Cluster Box 6.3-11
  • Main components and features of the Multi-Cluster Box 6.3-11
  • Basic and advanced settings for multi-cluster systems with MC-Box 6.3-11
  • Workshops for commissioning of multi-cluster systems with MC-Box 6.3-11



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Commissioning of Off-Grid Systems with MC-Box 6.3-11

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