PV-Diesel-Storage Systems with the SMA Power Plant Manager

PV-Diesel-Storage Systems with the SMA Power Plant Manager | 06 Oct

In many sunny regions of the world, SMA PV plants in combination with Diesel generators have already become the most economical way to provide electrical energy to industrial consumers. Storage system are used to improve the behavior of the systems depending on the requirements of the project.

The correct designing and sizing of all components of PV-Diesel-Storage systems determine the technical success and the reliability of the whole project. This the reason why designers need up-to-date information for properly using the latest SMA technology in their projects.

After this Webinar you should be able to understand much better the SMA solutions for a reliable energy supply in PV-Diesel-Storage systems.

Target group:

Renewable energy professionals


1.0 Main features of the Power Plant Manager

2.0 Main components of the Power Plant Manager

2.1 Energy Data Manager L

2.2 Hybrid Controller L and XL

2.3 Routing switch

3.0 Basic configuration of the Hybrid Controler M


We recommend previous knowledge of Hybrid Controller M

Internet connection and suitable computer (e.g. notebook, tablet) in order to participate via browser or app. You can comfortably attend this webinar from home via your computer or tablet. All you need is an up-to-date browser, an internet connection and speakers or a headset. You will receive your access data for the webinar in your registration confirmation e-mail.


135 min incl. 15 minutes break




PV-Diesel-Storage Systems with the SMA Power Plant Manager

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