Off-Grid Systems with Sunny Island Inverters and Multi-Cluster Boxes

Off-Grid Systems with Sunny Island Inverters and Multi-Cluster Boxes | 26 APR

In many regions of the world, SMA PV inverters in combination with Sunny Island battery inverters have already become the most reliable way to provide electrical energy to grid-isolated consumers, consumers with a weak grid, and grid-independent consumers.

The correct designing, installation and commissioning of all components of the off-grid system determine the technical success and the reliability of the whole project. This is the reason why you need up-to-date information for properly using the latest SMA technology in your projects.

After this webinar you will be able to understand much better the SMA solutions for a reliable energy supply with Sunny Island battery inverters and the Multi-Cluster boxes.

Target group:

Renewable energy professionals


1.0 On- and off-grid functions

2.0 Main features of the Sunny Island 6.0/8.0 H-13 and Sunny Island 4.4 M-13 inverters

3.0 Nominal power, main components and terminals of the Sunny Island inverter

4.0 Single-device systems

5.0 Single-phase single-cluster systems

6.0 Three-phase single-cluster systems

7.0 Multi-cluster systems

8.0 Sunny Design Web and Sunny Portal for off-grid systems


We recommend previous knowledge of PV plants and battery inverters

Internet connection and suitable computer (e.g. notebook, tablet) in order to participate via browser or app. You can comfortably attend this webinar from home via your computer or tablet. All you need is an up-to-date browser, an internet connection and speakers or a headset. You will receive your access data for the webinar in a separate e-mail shortly before the training starts. The slides used during the webinar will be sent after the webinar session.


135 min incl. 15 minutes break



Off-Grid Systems with Sunny Island Inverters and Multi-Cluster Boxes