Designing and Commissioning of Off-Grid Systems

Designing and Commissioning of Off-Grid Systems with SMA Sunny Island Battery Inverters and MC Boxes (Premium webinar) | 20 - 29 JUN

In many sunny regions of the world, SMA PV inverters in combination with SMA battery inverters have already become the most reliable way to provide electrical energy to grid-isolated consumers.

The professional designing of off-grid systems is complex because the requirements of the load profile and because the correct sizing of the battery and PV array determines the technical success of the whole project.

After this advanced training you should be able and qualified to understand the SMA solutions and to design reliable Off-grid energy systems based on the successful SMA Sunny Island inverter and the Multicluster technology.

Target group:

Renewable energy professionals


We recommend previous knowledge of PV plants and battery inverters.

You need an internet connection and suitable computer (e.g. notebook, tablet) in order to participate via browser or app. We recommend that you have the rights to install software and change system settings on your computer.

You must be an electrically qualified person in order to participate in this premium webinar, since this is mandatory for conducting the tasks trained during the webinar.

You can comfortably attend this webinar from home via your computer or tablet. All you need is:

• an up-to-date browser or load the app when joining the webinar

• internet connection

• speakers/ headphones and microphone (e.g. combined in a headset)

• please use a webcam in order to create a personal training atmosphere

You will receive your access data for the webinar in a separate e-mail shortly before the training starts.


This training is held as a series of premium webinars (online trainings with audio, screen share and video). Hands-on content in the commissioning training parts is shown as a live demonstration via camera.

Attendees can ask questions via audio (computer audio or telephone dial-in) or the integrated chat. Each day consists of 4 hours, including breaks.

The training consists of four parts:

Week 1 (Tuesday - Friday):

Part 1: „Designing of Off-Grid Systems with SMA Technology". Duration 4 days.

1.0 Settings for on- and off-grid functions

2.0 Off-grid systems with/without external source

3.0 Main topologies for Sunny Island systems with off-grid settings:

3.1 Single-device systems

3.2 Single-phase single-cluster systems

3.3 Three-phase single-cluster systems

3.4 Multi-cluster systems

4.0 Multi-Cluster Boxes 6.3-11, 12.3-20 and 36.3-11

5.0 Communication in off-grd systems: Energy Data Manager M and Sunny Portal ennexOS

6.0 Designing of off-grid systems with the software Sunny Desig Web

--Weekend Break (no training on Saturday and Sunday)--

Week 2 (Monday - Thursday):

Part 2: „Commissioning of Single-Cluster Systems“. Duration 2 days.

Part 3: „Commissioning of Multicluster Systems with MC-Box 6.3.11“. Duration 1 day.

Part 4: „Commissioning of Multicluster Systems with MC-Box 12-3-20“. Duration 1 day.




Designing and Commissioning of Off-Grid Systems

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